applied-kinesiologyNot to be confused with biomechanics, applied kinesiology is much more than just the study of body movement. Rather, it is a method of diagnosis and treatment based on the knowledge that many muscles are connected to specific organs and glands.

Muscle weakness in certain areas can signal distant internal ailments such as damage to nerves, poor blood flow circulation, chemical imbalances, or other organ and endocrinal gland problems. Alternatively, applied kinesiology is best known as muscle strength testing. When the muscle weakness is corrected, and because they are connected, recovery of the concomitant organ or gland can be expedited.

How Can Applied Kinesiology Help

Applied kinesiology is an adjunct treatment that can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of many nervous system problems, nutritional deficiencies, and body hormone imbalances within (what they call in Chinese medicine) as meridians or, in more modern terms, energy pathways.

Because applied kinesiology pursues to correct energy pathways of people with problems (such as abdominal pain, diabetes, headaches, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, among many others), it could be used as a complementary treatment to mainstream medicine. When your energy pathways are corrected, the natural capacity of the human body to self-heal is strengthened.

What Happens during the Treatment

Our practitioner will most likely gather medical history from you. This information will be used to provide optimum care during the course of the treatment.

Firstly, orthostatic hypotension or hypertension is tested; this is the fluctuation of blood pressure during major body movement changes and position shifts. Additional tests such as skin sensitivity to substances, reflexes and balances, observation of your posture, ambulation, range of motion, and muscle movement shall also be performed.

A muscle might be tested for weakness; a weakened muscle may be connected to an organ problem. This test, however, is done in moderation to avoid patient discomfort.

A chosen food or substance may also be used to determine if you have an accompanying allergy to a specific food group. The food particle will be placed under your tongue or in your hand touching your skin. If this makes any of your muscle groups weak, then it may be used as a cue for some related diseases.

Applied kinesiology has its own advantages. It is always best to consult your doctor about it, and it is suggested to be more effective when used in sync with your other therapeutic treatments.