naturopathy-6Naturopathy is the science of natural healing. It typically involves the principles of detoxification, digestive system repair, nervous system rebalancing, organ repair, dietary and nutritional correction. This basically means prescribing supplements like minerals, vitamins, and herbs to support your body back to a state of wellness.

These days, prescribing should be increasingly evidence based. We will draw on the latest research on naturopathic medicine. You may be recommended to undergo a routine of nutritional supplements. In addition to that, you will be educated about dietary changes to get you back to your perfect weight and help you detoxify; 3-4 months of treatment will typically support the body through a process of repair.

Our practitioner has an obvious, altruistic, and insatiable desire to learn everything about the health of the human body. This leads him or her to create a practice based on the big picture and total health. He also studies yearly with world experts in his chosen field, so that he or she can deliver the best in total quality healthcare.

Our naturopathist enjoys nothing more than looking at each client’s big picture and story, looking for ways of helping each client build a fresh momentum around better health and wellness. He is an explorer of the body’s wisdom and natural healing.

Enjoy your experience in our centre as you open the door to your own health.

Managing the Expectation

Your diet will be assessed to improve your health and fitness and to help you achieve your specific wellness goals. Our practitioner will tailor a diet for weight loss or gain (as necessary) and detoxification in order for you to become more alkaline depending on your conditions. We may also suggest 3-4 months of supplements that you can take for such period, to support your system back into a state of good health.