pregnancyThe period when the mother begins her first trimester of pregnancy up to the first year following the baby’s birth is called as the perinatal period. Thus, perinatal health psychology is the medical modality of caring for the mental health of the mother during this delicate time. This includes the management of stress due to hormonal changes and social adjustments.

However, taking care of the emotional wellness of the mother is not the only involvement of perinatal health psychology. It also encourages the participation of the partner, child, and other members of the family who are in close contact with the patient.

Problems related to perinatal health have been seen as a public health issue, as the mental health of the mother is of primary importance to her family. Good mental health enables her to face the challenges of motherhood. Post-partum depression is the most common problem affecting women during the perinatal period. The mental health of the mother has a direct impact on the health and welfare of the child (and her other children, if any). That is why it is recommended to seek the assistance of a perinatal health psychologist during such stage.

Mt Lofty Chiropractic’s perinatal health psychologist specialises, not only in helping out clients who have normal pregnancies and deliveries, but also in providing care and support to parents who experience grief due to unexpected outcomes, such as (but not limited to) miscarriages.

Other areas in which our perinatal health psychologist can help out are:

  • Fertility/infertility issues
  • Preparation for labour and birth
  • Parent-infant attachment/relationship issues
  • Psychology mentoring for doulas, midwifery students, midwives, maternal-infant nurses, and perinatal mental health nurses.