Early on in my chiropractic career I decided to focus on using a low-force chiropractic technique, the Activator Method. This utilises a hand-held mechanical instrument, the Activator, to adjust the spine. This means there is NO manual adjusting. Importantly this technique allows me to determine when and where to adjust the spine, but even more importantly when not to adjust the spine. It also allows me to adjust other joints (or extremities) of the body. I am an Advanced Proficiency Rated Doctor in the Activator Method, and have been for over 25 years. I have also previously worked as an Activator Methods instructor at seminars throughout Australia helping to train other chiropractors in this technique.

I also use Applied Kinesiology in my practice and have been certified in this diagnostic and treatment technique for over 25 years. I am also certified as a Retained Neonatal Reflexes practitioner.

After enjoying working in my own chiropractic offices in the Riverland in Renmark and Berri for over 12 years I returned to my home town of Adelaide in November 1998 to run my Stirling practice (at Mount Lofty Chiropractic Centre) and from September 2000 my other practice in Gawler (at Cotswold House Chiropractic).